Our Story

The team behind Lillshop are the people who run Royal Travel Ltd. They have a success story to tell and are renowned for personalised and efficient service.

The pandemic brought a lot of hardship to the travel industry and I came up with the idea of setting up Lillshop for various reasons. The idea behind this venture is to promote eco-friendly items.

We want to bring awareness that gift wrapping can be 100% recycled and eco-friendly.

Many of the items found on this site are made from bamboo, including toothbrushes and cutlery, which mean they are biodegradable.

The mesh bags & cotton bags are made from 100% Turkish Cotton, which makes them also biodegradable. These bags are a good substitute to plastic bags, as they are multifunctional.

The rest of the items like blankets, ceramics, cushions are made from high quality materials and it’s quality that will last for years.

Thank you in advance for shopping online.