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  • Canvas Laundry Collector

    This laundry collector, always portable and practical to use, impresses with its stylish design. It makes your dirty laundry disappear discreetly and thus always ensures a tidy home. The stiffened material guarantees an upright stand and can be folded up to save space if necessary. The two handles make it easier for you to get to the washing machine.
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  • Bamboo Bathtub Shelf

    This high-quality shelf can be easily placed across your bathtub so that you can put your utensils down during your relaxing bath. Whether wine, your favorite book, shampoo and much more, everything you need for your wellness bath has its place.
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  • Cosmetic Mirror

    This practical cosmetic mirror is indispensable for your bathroom. Equipped with two mirror surfaces - a normal mirror and a 3x magnifying mirror - even the smallest details on the face can be seen when applying makeup or shaving. The foot gives the mirror a secure stand and you have both hands free for perfect styling.
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  • Bamboo Laundry Basket

    This high-quality laundry chest, practical to use, impresses with its elegant design. It lets your dirty laundry disappear through the lockable lid and thus always ensures a tidy home.
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  • 3ltr Pedal Bin with Bamboo Optic

    This pedal bin is ideal for your bathroom. It shines with a modern look and is functional at the same time. It has a pedal construction which makes it easy to open and close the lid. The sturdy plastic insert is easy to remove thanks to the metal handle and quickly emptied. The practical handle on the back of the trash can makes it easy to carry. The pedal bin has a capacity of 3 liters.
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